Saturday, August 18, 2007


Some of us have travel pangs and crave traveling; only that we are unfortunate enough to be short in cash, time, health or even friends to travel with. Some of us are plain lucky, we get to travel in our line of duty. Some others may be well-to-do enough to pay for a well-arranged packaged tour while others may consider themselves lucky to have just enough leftover cash from the piggy bank and are still healthy enough to lug along a big bag for a shoe string holiday somewhere.
Indeed, I am one of those lucky few who though lack the pangs of a hard-core traveler, manage somehow to have the opportunity to be able to travel occasionally to enjoy both the joys and pains of traveling.
This blog has been so created when I found some old postcards which I bought in India, which remind me of the pain of not being able to visit some famous temples in Khajuraho which have been dubbed 'Temples of Love'. Khajuraho is a mere village surrounded by forest but the 9th to 12th century temples there boast of the great architectural achievement of the Chandela dynasty and bold artistic statements.
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