Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Borneo Break: Niah Cave, Here We Come!

It was evening when we reached Miri. The next day would be the highlight of our trip and we would visit Niah Cave. I had initially wanted to visit the two famous caves in Sarawak, Mulu Cave and Niah Cave but the former was out since the Twin Otter which would take us there was fully booked. Niah Cave however was easily accessible by car and would take perhaps less than two hours or so to reach. Mau Wei who had initially planned to drive us there with her Toyota, however, was not feeling well and had to stay home. She allowed us to take her car though but besides not being familiar with the routes, I was not the type to drive an unfamiliar car and so, Amber and I decided to take a public bus to Niah Cave instead. Bus services and van services too, we heard are available in town but when we were there, we learned that we had to wait for an hour or more for the bus and the spriteful Amber had chatted up a man who was traveling to Bintulu to send some goods and it was on his van that we travelled...

Niah Cave, here we come...

Traveling Tip: Sometimes you have to hitch a ride, but do be careful!

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