Monday, June 1, 2009

Java Jamboree: A Secret Garden

My friends and I passed the dying town of Porong again when we returned to Surabaya. We requested for a brief stopover to have a view of the otherside of the embankment but there was a heavy traffic in the area and the guide said we were rushing for time and had thus, not the privilege. However, during both our journey to and back from the Agro Park, we had stopped at a delightful eating shop. It was a spacious place and there was a big crowd both times when we were there. I suppose the specialty was the crispy deep-fried fish. It was really a marvellous lunch. On the return journy, just before we left the place, I went to the toilet and had a peep at the garden. Oh! There was a lovely pond with beautiful lillies. I didn't see it the first time around...

Lunch on the way...

The secret garden!

Traveling Tip: Take a second look!


asa said...

Interesting blog. Indonesia is where I like to travel. I have been to Bandong and I love it.

footiam said...

Thanks for visiting, Adrian. Haven't been to Bandung but I like Bali very much. The people there are terribly gentle.

Michael said...


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footiam said...

What exactly is a blog partner?

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!