Sunday, October 25, 2009

Java Jamboree: A Still Forest Pool

It was nice walking the woods of Dieng Plateau. I remember our guide taking us all in a van and suddenly we were at the entrance of a park. Rupiah changed hands. We bought our tickets and then, we were walking towards a beautiful, blue lake. We met a Caucasian couple who told of the breathtaking scenery. There should be caves there too but we did not get to see more though. It was not just that the day was getting shorter but it was beginning to drizzle. The guide had left us and had instructed us to walk straight ahead to a spot where he woud pick us up. Big raindrops that fell suddenly sent us scurrying. The sound of a whistle blowing pierced the air. Our guide appeared suddenly. He was holding a whistle. He had come back because of the sudden rain. What a fine experience at the still forest pool - The Telaga Warna or Coloured Lake!

At the Coloured Lake...

Traveling Tip: Bring a whistle!


Liudmila said...

All places are so cured... With paths etc. I rarely happened in my life in so cured for tourists places.
Very interesting color of the water. It's an optic effect?

footiam said...

The lake is called coloured lake for a very good reason. I suppose it is the minerals in the water that causes it to have a different colour.

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!