Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sulawesi Surprise!: A Long Journey

I bet travelling some 300 km from Makassar or Ujung Padang to Tana Toraja could take a toll on some people. Amuse yourself then. Drink in the scenery. You would get to see vast padi field here and I suppose Sulawesi exports some of this staple food to Java. You would be delighted to see traditional Bugis houses along the way.The long drive may make you sleepy and you may doze off, and wake up to see more paddy field here and some more Bugis houses there. Before you get really bored, just remember that you are travelling from the lowlands to the mountain stronghold of TANA TORAJA. There ought to be surprises in store...Just be patient...

Fancy these scenes?

Traveling Tip: Don't doze off!


Liudmila said...

Our mind likes something new every minute.

footiam said...

I read somewhere that says our mind is like a monkey!

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!