Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sulawesi Surprise!: All Quiet at the Hotel

It was all dark and quiet at the Hotel Toraja Prince the night we reached there. We had had a long journey and after checking in, it was off to our room and to bed. I woke up rather fresh the next morning and had had a look around. It was a countryside scene outside and there was much greenery. There was no big mountains like the erotic mountains around as would be expected for a mountain scene. But then of course, we were in the highlands. The air was cold and crisp and it was just perfect to take a stroll. I didn't see anyone around and no wonder - we were the only guests in the hotel! Hotel Toraja Prince purportedly had seen better times. There used to be Western visitors or so I heard but that was before the Bali bombing by terrorists ... In 2002, some 152 foreigners were killed when there was an attack in the tourist district of Kuta and in 2005, bombs exploded again in Kuta and in Jimbaran too. Didn't know for sure which bombing chase away the tourists though...

All quiet at Hotel Toraja Prince...Would you like to spend a night here?

Traveling Tip: Enjoy the quietness!


Thomas C B Chua said...

It is too quiet and lifeless. You sort of have the whole place to yourself. But then like the watching a circus, you need a small crowd. The world isn't the same anymore after 911 and Osama. The small men : small time hoteliers, restaurateurs, guides, vendors,etc get hurt most. These are the people who need to feed their families and not Osama with his fat bank account he could afford to hide in shit holes in Pakistan.

Today's news : temples in Selangor and Penang are put on alert !

Do these people have better things to do !!!!

footiam said...

We do have the whole hotel to ourselves! When we think about Osama being a mortal, it is so comforting.

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!