Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sulawesi Surprise! : A Museum in Makassar

For an old city like Makassar, there is definitely a museum in town -the Balla Lompoa Museum. You'd probably want to visit it but don't raise your hope too high even though the museum is supposed to be housed in an old palace. This is not Paris's Louvre Museum and it would not even hold a candle to the Elephant Building in Jakarta. Paris's Louvre Museum has the Mona Lisa and the Jakarta's National Museum has the Java and Flores man to boast about but in Balla Lompoa, maybe you'd find solace in some old scripts, that is if you are lucky to be able to enter the museum in the first place. It has been said that the museum is sometimes closed because of lack of visitors. If that's the case, maybe you'd just take some photos in the museum compound and perhaps pose for a photo with the old rickshaw exhibited there...

Would you pose for a photo here?

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Thomas C B Chua said...

Footiam . if Indonesia could be more peaceful, there would more visitors. It has a rich history of the Malay archipelago, more than Malaysia. minus Sabah and Sarawak.

footiam said...

I suppose so. Here, I am reminded of the quiet hotel in Tana Toraja where we were about the only occupants.

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