Friday, January 28, 2011

Sulawesi Surprise!: Have Some Dessert!

One night, some fellow travellers and I just took a cab to a shopping mall in Makassar. The very next day, the busload of us were taken to the very shopping mall. There was nothing that caught my interest in Makassar DeCentre and during the second visit, some of us just hung around the place and had some dessert and what I believed to be a more appealing version of pisang epe. Makassar boasts the first underground shopping centre in Indonesia called the Karebosi Link but I am still not sure if it was the mall which we had visited. If it is, then the place is not very posh and you'd not get to buy international branded items. As lately as 2010, there is the first exclusive shopping centre called Trans Mahagaya Mall which boasts famous brands like Hugo Boss, Armani Jeans and the like. Shopping here, I think, is never anything like shopping in Hong Kong or Singapore. Maybe, you would just want to just sit down and have some dessert instead. You would still want to complain about the ice kacang here though!

Pick your dessert at MTC!

Traveling Tip: Try some local dessert!

Sulawesi Surprise! is coming to an end!


Thomas C B Chua said...

Footiam, the place looks cool.Got ambiance. The desserts have presentation, look rainbow colourful and sinfully sweet. Am I right? Anyway, I won't miss such place on my travel. I have been ' desserting" half the world already. Got sweet tooth. Tks for sharing. Looking 4ward to your next destination.

footiam said...

The place is very unlike our food court in shopping mall.The desserts here are more 'posh' compared to the one in the streets but I think we have 'posher' ones back home.

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!