Friday, February 18, 2011

Sulawesi Surprise! : Goodbye, Makassar!

Perhaps, the antics of the local people at Losari Beach might amuse you, perhaps not. Find delights in the small time peddlars there then and even if there is nothing interesting for you to buy home, it would perhaps give you a glimpse of the life of the local people. Perhaps too, you'd just want a breath of fresh air and to wait for the sunset. Look into the horizon and you'd get to see the world's third largest indoor theme park, Trans Studio which is located on the main road of Metro Tanjung Bunga Street, Makassar. Goodbye, Makassar!

You'd be amused with the antics of the locals in Makassar!

Traveling Tip: Take notice of the peddlers!
Sulawesi Surprise! has ended!
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Thomas C B Chua said...

Enterprising vendors. They look docile. Safe. "Want to buy, buy. Don't want, don't buy " type. Not pushy like the aggressive China ones who would push their wares into your hands and fold your fingers over them.Then, considered sold, you have to pay lor.

footiam said...

They don't have wares to push I suppose. Wouldn't make it in this dog eats dog world, I think!

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!