Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Bali: Souvenirs Talk

Bali receives millions of visitors each year. The terrorist bombings of 2002 and 2005 did not deter tourists and it is said that there has even been a steady increase of visitor arrivals which is not surprising, considering that Bali has received the Best Island award from Travel and Leisure, a magazine based in New York. From our morning walk the first day we were in Kuta, we got to see more souvenirs. No doubt many shops were closed then but the few which were open delighted us with their wares. From them, we could roughly guess that there were lots of East Asian visitors in Bali and surfing should be a main activity there...

What give you the idea that you could surf in Bali and there probably are East Asian tourists walking the streets of Kuta?

Traveling Tip: Listen to the souvenirs talk!


Thomas C B Chua said...

footiam, your posting brings me more nostalgia. We bought the miniature surf boards and had names of our friends written on them , all in the name of helping the local handicraft industry. Well, you have friends who help you to travel in many ways:-

1. Fetch you to/fro the airport.
2. Water your plants.
3. Feed your dogs
4. Keep your mails
5. "look-look, see-see" for you.

So, buy more souvenirs.

footiam said...

Having names of friends written on them is such a good idea. Maybe, we can add in a thank you not like:
1. Thank you for fetching me from the airport.
2. Thank you for watering my plants.
3. Thank you for feeding my dogs.
4. Thank you for keeping my mails.
5. Thank you for helping me 'look see, look see"
If that's too long to fit into the little surf boards, maybe we can just manage with a Thanks! That won't be too long, I am sure.

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!