Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beautiful Bali: Designer Flowers

Balinese culture is said to be strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese. Most probably, the Indian part could be seen by the way some of them use flowers for decorating their shops. You would think flowers could only be put in vases with their stalks and all; but in Bali, the petals are arranged in intricate designs on the surface of the water in a container. I remember first seeing this technique being used in Colombo, Sri Lanka and would like to believe that it come to Bali from India via Sri Lanka. But speculation apart, it was time to get out of Kuta. Our guide suggested that we go dolphin watching somewhere near his hometown near Lovina Beach but we were not too keen, having seen live dolphins before albeit in an artificual environment in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. Instead we opted for a cultural park...

Designer Flowers...

Traveling Tip: You have to make a choice!

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