Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beautiful Bali: Blend in

I remember visiting a Chinese garden in Singapore once. I had taken a train from Kuala Lumpur to the Lion city with a friend in the mid-80s. The train then was not as comfortable as the one we had today. For one thing, it was dirty and during the trip, the train was crowded and I had to sit on newspapers on the floor and was bitten by bed bugs. There should also be a Japanese garden tucked somewhere near the Chinese garden there but as for a Balinese garden, I haven't heard of one until fairly recently. Some people here had their garden landscaped and hence, I heard of a Bali garden design. From what I heard, many of the ornaments used in a Bali garden are sourced in Bali and from what I see, a Bali garden is very much wood based. The local version has no pelinggih,which is some sort of temple for Hindus, but they are just as great to look at. The man-made structures blend in with the environment and in Bali, you see this too in the beaches...man-made structures blending in with the natural environment...

Would you wantto laze here?

Traveling Tip: Blend in!

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