Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beautiful Bali: Rub This In!

Not too long ago, there was a report that vice dens in Selangor, Malaysia were masquerading as massage centres and that purportedly had caused numerous social ills. Marriages purportedly broke down and wives and children complained that husbands and fathers were squandering their money at these places instead of footing the household expenses and the tuition fees for the children. There are massage parlours in Taiping, Perak these days and many other towns in Malaysia. In the 70s or even in the 80s, such places were either unheard of or very rare. I remember those days, people could have a massage in Haadyai in Southern Thailand and for a fee as low as 100 baht which then was equilent to RM 10. In some massage parlours there, you could make a pick of your masseur by browsing through a group of them who were huddled in a room and you got to make your pick by looking through a big transparent glass window from another room. Bali is not like that at all. There are posh massage parlours which probably cost a bomb and you could perhaps just want to have a rub down in the open, on the beach for all to see. Maybe, having a massage this way will prevent social ills...

Would you like to have a massage here?

Traveling Tip: Go for a massage!


Thomas C B Chua said...

footiam, the Better Half and I had a massage in a reputable one with a Balinese ambiance that caused us a b limb. Nothing to complain we asked for it, or rather offered our limbs to be chopped, chopped. The so-called masseur merely rubbed scented oil on our bodies and then cajoled us to bath in a bath tub full of petals.
The oil massage in Haadyai is very much better, if you engage a "real" messeur who knows what she is doing, but don't engage one which end up you massaging the masseur instead. LOL

footiam said...

Heard with certain ailment, one cannot be massaged lest the problem will be aggravated. I remember petals in a bath tub too and being rubbed with something like sand on the body. No karate chop though.

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