Friday, June 22, 2012

Beautiful Bali: A Dish for a King

Who in his right mind would try a dish with such an unappealing name as Dirty Duck? Someone with a penchant for food like stinky tofu or chòu dòufu (inset) perhaps. Stinky tofu is actually  that foul-smelling fermented tofu very much favoured by Chinese especially those from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Dirty Duck, the dish said to have originated from Ubud, is after all, not dirty, and is in fact, very pleasant to both the olfactory nerves and the taste buds.Our Balinese guide said that a little known, little eating shop  in Ubud invented the dish. After a meal, patrons there would spit the duck bones everywhere on the floor- hence, giving the dish its unusual name. The shop has grown into a posh restaurant. Today, you could dine there like a Sultan, sitting on high platforms with pillows and cushions all around you while waiters or waitresses wait on you.  Ask for Bebek Bengil.

Now, where is the Dirty Duck?

Traveling Tip: Do not judge a dish by its name!

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