Taking a peep at Brussels

Oh! It was really quiet in Brussels near the terminal where we were waiting. There were modern glass buildings nearby but except for a small crowd and a few vehicles, the street seemed deserted. In the distance, I could see the dome of an old cathedral beckoning. A friend had wanted to go to the loo and he had ended up in Brussel Red Light Area! There was a slightly busier street nearby resided by a population of Muslims purportedly from the Middle Eastern Countries. We took a walk there but I guess I was more mesmerized by the red light area. Besides prostitutes, there were adult shops there featuring erotic peep show. I had read about that in my younger days and had imagined paying a penny to peep through a hole to see the antics of adults but this peep show is nothing of that kind. You just have to put a coin into a slot and you can see a blue movie in a TV! That's what I call a modern world!


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