Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beautiful Bali: Checking in

It seemed like such a long journey, traveling to Denpasar, Bali. It was dark when we left Kampung Slim in Perak, Malaysia and since the plane did not leave until late in the afternoon, we spent a big portion of the time loitering in LCCT. When we reached Denpasar, it was already night. So, it looked as if it took one day to reach our destination. Reaching the airport in Denpasar, we were confronted with a nurse and some officers who were stationed there to take the passengers’ particulars. We were given a form and we were to tell whether we had a fever or not and so on. It was the beginning of the SARS scare then and even though the authority seemed cautious, no temperature was taken from us. I asked the nurse if there was any SARS case yet in Bali and she answered in the negative. Even if the answer had been a yes, that would not stop us from Beautiful Bali, would it? We just had to check into a hotel first!

Checking into a hotel….

Traveling Tip: Get a nice place to sleep!


Thomas C B Chua said...

The tray of flower offering is very familiar. It is the trade mark of Bali. Tell us more about your trip.

footiam said...

You'd see the tray of flowers in the five foot way too if you remember.

Ms. Littlewing said...

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footiam said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a note but the link you give does not work properly

Have another serving of Travel Pangs!