Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Bali: Bali's Rice Terrace

Someone told me that he had seen the best rice terraces in the Philippines. He probably was referring to Banaue Rice Terraces(inset) where the Ifugao people had been cultivating food  from a land carved by their ancestors on a mountainside. The land covers about 4,000 square miles and lies 5000ft above sea level. It is such a pride to the Filipinos so much so that it is referred to as the eight man-made wonder of the world. In Bali, while on the way to Ubud, we had had a brief stop at the Tegallantang Rice Terraces. If it is not as spectacular, you'd still find delight in it especially if there is a local farmer around who would allow you to put on his quaint hat that had been weaved out of leaves and let you carry his produce- all at a small fee, of course! You'd enjoy a photo session here!

Take some photos at Tegallantang Rice Terraces!

Traveling Tip: Never some small fees!

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