Men in black

While waiting for the bus to Amsterdam, we either sat around watching the people pass by or walked around the vicinity to explore whatever we could of Brussels. People in Brussels it seemed could walk into the Metro station with their pet dogs or bicycles in tow without being harassed by the authorities. It must be in Brussels that I saw in a single day, many men with a bald patch on their heads which prompted me to jump to the conclusion that Brussels men were a stressful lot. Almost everyone except us, backpackers from a faraway foreign land, were also dressed in black and I guess it would not be wrong to say that it was here particularly, that I saw so many people dressed up in black in a single moment and there was not even a funeral! And yes, all the clothes sold in the shop opposite where we were sitting were black! Thinking back though, I think that could be due to winter for it was in December, 2006 that we backpacked to Europe.

Travel Tip: Explore while waiting for your bus.


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