New bus terminal in Penang

Famous Tambun Biscuits...

Bus Terminal near the jetty in Penang...

There is a new bus terminal just near the jetty in Penang island! Alighting from the ferry, one just have to walk along with the crowd. One would get to pass a row of stalls selling among others things, Penang famous nutmegs and Tambun biscuits. The taxi stand will be on the left of these stalls and the bus terminal on the right. Tourist swho fancy a trishaw ride could also get one here! How convenient it is now to visitors! Many, many years back, when I was still in primary school, I remember having to take private cars called kereta sapu at a small fee. You conveniently hopped into the private cars of strangers and hoped they would safely take you to your destination! Gone are those days and I was glad not just for all these things that Thursday when I visited Penang. My friend would come and fetch me and he would drive his car!

Travel Tip: Know where to get your transport.


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