Sky walk at Macao Tower

Heard that Yong Seng and Poh Xiang went to Macao again on 24 August. Yong Seng had won two free tickets in a contest organised by Air Asia and was given a choice to go either Macao or Indonesia and he chose the former. The memory of Macao was just a short distance away and had hardly faded.It puzzled me therefore why they had opted for Macao. Perhaps, Poh Xiang had wanted to go bungee jumping at Macao Tower. The last time we were there, she showed keenness in jumping but due to money constraint had to just take a sky walk there. Yong Seng and Poh Xiang had taken the walk together while Heng and I waited. For us, it was not a matter of having no guts. I could just say for myself that I was stingy then and was not willing to part with my money!

Travel Tip: Wait while your traveling companions do their stuff.


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