To Ipoh and back


Thomas called on Sunday, inviting me to go to Ipoh, the capital of Perak which was less than an hour ride away from our beloved Taiping. This city on the northern part of Malaysia, commonly called Paloh by some local Chinese had been named after a local tree, pohon epu or pokok ipoh from which the Orang Asli (indigenous people) procure the poisonous tree sap for their blowdarts. Thomas had wanted to shop for a batik shirt and a pair of tennis shoes but the purple shirt had turned out to be a bit gaudy and the shoes just did not look right. Both of us therefore ended up in Secret Recipe instead. There I stuffed myself with a plate of spaghetti and Brownies while Thomas had a piece of cheese cake for which Secret Recipe is famous for. Later in the evening when we were heading home, I had a surprise call from my nephew. The whole family would have dinner at Panorama that night, the eating place in Taiping which serve our favourite ice cream! I would have a plate of fried Tom Yum rice and my nephew had black pepper chicken chop.

Travel Tip: You can just travel out of town for the joy of traveling!


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