Dark Male

A homemade bomb exploded near a mosque in the Maldives' capital, Male, on Saturday, wounding 12 foreign tourists. Of the twelve wounded, two were British nationals, two were Japanese and eight were Chinese.The blast occurred at the entrance to the capital's Sultan Park which is a popular stop-off for tour groups. The news really interest me. Two or three years back, I was on my way to Sri Lanka and had transit in Male, Maldives. This little island is best known for luxury honeymoons and Hollywood star visitors but I really did not see the island. It was in the wee morning when our plane landed there and we did not even get to go down for a walk in the airport. The world is all the same when it is dark!

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ben said…
I want to go to Taiping! But Sean said the trip is off since SST cannot make it. So I think we are not going after all. Goodbye Maxwell hill. :(
The other time we went there, we didnt get to go up coz no more tickets. =(

Life's Roller Coaster~
footiam said…
Sad to hear that!
Mike said…
Hello from New York! I have posters on my wall of Maidives. It is amazing place. The sand is so white there. The trees are so nice. I thought nothing ever happens there.

Nice blog!
footiam said…
Thanks Mike. Things happen everywhere I suppose.

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