Enjoy Taj Mahal!

Going to Taj mahal was another hassle. Come to think about it, going anywhere in India was a hassle. I would not say that the transport system in India was bad. There were trains crossing the countries, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks but trying to get one especially taxis and tuk-tuks at a reasonable price sometimes gave lots of headache. At times, you just could not get through the taxi drivers. When we went to the Taj Mahal for instance, we specifically told the driver that we want to go to this World Wonder and the latter would nod his head, promising us that he would take us there in no time but somewhere in the journey, he would turn into another road and take us to a place for shopping instead. We thought the driver had hoped for commissions from the proprietor of the shopping centre. It was all right with us if he had wanted to make extra money this way, but we sincerely thought that the taxi driver should had the courtesy to tell us that he would take us elsewhere first. Enough said, just enjoy Taj Mahal!

Enjoy Taj Mahal!.....


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