From Macao to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is just a boat ride away from Macao! A day after staying in the ex-Portuguese enclave, Heng, his friends and I had paid over RM100 each to go to the ex-British colony. On reaching there, we had trouble looking for a cheap place to stay; so, I suggested Tsim ShaTsui since I was familiar there, having been there barely a year ago. Besides, many attractions like the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Culture Centre, Star Walk, the shopping complexes etc seem to concentrate in that area and then it is also convenient to take a ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui star Ferry and a bus just across Victoria Harbour to the Peak and Ocean Park, two of our targetted destinations. So, that was how we got to stay in Chungking Hotel that night...

Travel Tip: It is nice to travel with someone who has been there!


Anonymous said…
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footiam said…
Thank you, Tara for leaving a message.

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