Goodbye, Amsterdam.

We left Amsterdam very early in the morning. The sky was still dark when we reached the bus terminal where we were to pick up a bus to Paris. The office had yet to open and as we waited, we sat on a concrete bench of a bus stop. It was awfully cold. I could feel the coldness seeping through my jeans to my buttock and when Aziz commented about the coldness in Malay, a lady who was waiting for a bus there started to speak to us. The lady looked like a Chinese but she spoke in the Indonesian language! I had come across Indonesians in Amsterdam before this and it appeared to me then that there were more Indonesian than Malaysian in Holland. The lady came from Java, having migrated to Holland which she said was a better place to eke out a living. Married to a fellow Indonesian, she had two children and while one had married an Indonesian, the other had a French partner. When she left, we waved goodbye to her and later, to Amsterdam too..

ByeBye, Amsterdam...

Traveling Tip: Enjoy the buildings!


Lupideloop said…

This blog is full of some great photos!!

Well done!
footiam said…
Thank you and come again to view more!

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