Hello, Tehran

Upon arriving in Tehran, we had discovered that our luggage had been sent to Dubai instead. Luckily for me, I had a small knapsack with me and there was a jacket inside. It was the end of autumn and the beginning of winter and yes, it was cold. Shah, my friend with me had practically nothing except the clothes on his back and I really admired him for surviving the cold . Besides exploring a park in Tehran and wandering its streets, we waited impatiently for news from the airport. We checked into a hostel where I met a young Chinese lady from mainland China who was in Tehran for a business trip. She wore a scarf when she went out as that was required of all women, Muslims or non-Muslims alike, in Iran. There was also a note warning visitors about charlatans and conman in Iran on the notice board which would come in handy when we visited Shiraz later.

Scene outside our hostel in Tehran...

At a street in Tehran...

At a park in Tehran...

Travel Tips: Have a jacket with wherever you go if you are traveling in a cold country.


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