Iranian Conman

Wandering around Shiraz nearly got Shah and I into trouble. Once, we were so mesmerized with the trees that lined the street. The leaves were all yellow in colours and they were so beautiful! We walked on and on, not really knowing where we were heading when suddenly someone shouted for our attention. Hey, you come here! It was a thin cold-looking Iranian man with long unkempt hair and a slight beard. He had emerged from a white car and his friend was still at the wheel. He flashed and ID and claimed to be a policeman and wanted us to follow him in his car. Shah, tried to talk to the man but he was becoming exceptionally unreasonable, pestering us to go with him at once. Then, it dawned on us. We had read a notice in a hostel in Tehran that there were Iranian conman who posed as policemen who would get you to go with them in their car. Once they had you, they robbed you of your money and passport. Touch Wood! Thanks God He was watching!

A Sreet in Shiraz....

Traveling Tip: Don't forget there are conman everywhere.


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