Winter in New Delhi

It must be at Indira Gandhi International Airport that our plane landed on that wee wee morning. We had nowhere to go. We huddled at the airport, trying to catch a wink. In spite of all the discomfort, I remember having a good sleep since someone later complained that I snored very loudly . Later, we had rushed to the train station to catch a train to Agra. It was dark when we started our rush and was still dark when we reached our destination. Already, there was a big crowd there. Later, I would find out that big crowds were a norm in India. The population of the second most populated country in the world had in fact crossed the one billion mark. Several men had huddled near the ticket counter. They were all wrapped up as it was pretty cold. Northern India definitely has a harsh winter, the harshest I have ever experienced by far. Here, people could be seen starting a bonfire in the streets to keep themselves warm and people have even been reported to die in the cold...

Just Curious: Which country is the most densely populated?


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