Eating by the Roadside

Once, Kok Soo had to go to Teluk Intan, Perak for some business. It happened that I was free and I invited myself along. Well, you will have to be on your own for most of the time, Kok Soo said and I nodded in agreement. It was a trip that I found worthwhile.First of course, it was because I got to stop in Sitiawan and have my first taste of Sitiawan cendol. It was not just that the cendol was delicious but the Indian man who sold the sweet dessert did looked rather quaint with his tall white hat and red bow tie! It was really, really a pleasant surprise! I got to pretend that I was eating in some hotel rather than by the roadside. How cool could that be!

Eating cendol by the roadside...

The hawker....

Travel Tip: Watch out for surprises by the roadside.


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