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A sweet dessert, Cendol...

It was Sunday and I thought I do something different. So, off I went to town lugging my digital camera along. I had a sweet, savory dessert, Cendol sold by an Indian Muslim. Then, off I went to Taiping War Memorial which is situated between Taiping picturesque Lake Gardens and Bukit Larut and took some shots to share with you. Here you are, Taiping War Memorial:


Traveling Tip: You don't need a lot of time to travel!


Oh, I miss Cendol! It had been years since I visited Taiping as a school girl. I remember the Lake Gardens and my hike to Maxwell Hill. My friends told us horror stories of the war and I am not sure whether they are true.
footiam said…
I have heard that one of the bungalows up there is haunted but I have stayed there many times and each time, the stay is pleasant and rather comfortable. Touch wood!

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