Flying without Wings

Shah SMSed me saying he was jealous to see me taking a ride in a hot air balloon. Oh! That balloon ride in Ocean Park, Hong Kong! I didn’t see any hot flame under the balloon, so I don’t know if it qualified as a hot air balloon or not. But I did take a ride in a balloon up to the blue sky in Hong Kong! Tuck Meng who had been to Kenya, Africa many years ago said that a ride in a hot air balloon there bore an exorbitant price tag of about 500 dollars. I am not sure now if that price was quoted in US dollars or Malaysian Ringgit but either way, for that price, I would rather jump a high building and fly myself really. Since that would also be disastrous for sure, I had thus jumped at the chance of flying in the balloon at Ocean Park, Hong Kong despite the fact that I had to share it with many others and have to bear the excruciating pain of waiting in a long queue. It was a worthwhile wait!

Chin Heng in a kiddie's balloon...

Balloons, balloons everywhere...

Views from the top....

Traveling Tip: Wait for that magic moment!


SlowCatchUpKuan said…
omg! u've boon to so many places!
Wats ur job?

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