A Market for the Festive Season

Tomorrow will be Hari Raya Puasa. That literally means Fasting New Year. Muslims all over the world will celebrate the end of Ramadan which is the fasting month in the Muslim Calendar. During this time, able-bodied Muslims will abstain from food for a long period of time. They will wake up early for Sahur, after which time, they will not eat, drink or smoke until late in the evening when they will break from fast. In Malaysia, breaking fast is a grand affair. Families break fast together and there will be treats for all. Ramadan Markets have sprouted to cater for their needs. When the Ramadan season first started, the Chinese were in the midst of celebrating Moon Cake Festival. I had gone over to Miss Tang’s house to give her some moon cakes which my niece had made. How about going to the Ramadan Market in Kamunting? I asked just before I left. Well, the rest was history…

The Crowd at Pasar Ramadan...

Food and drinks to break fast with...

Traveling Tip: You can visit the market!


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