Dropping In At A Bay

There was supposed to be a boat at nine to pick us up to the remote fishing village. When it didn’t turn up, we waited for another hour. Ah Seng then suggested that we go elsewhere. Let’s go Sitiawan. We can have cendol there and red wine vermicelli. I said. And so off we went! We had a quick lunch, after which Ah Seng in jest, suggested that we drive to Pulau Pangkor but of course, that was really impossible. To get to the island, we’d have to go to Lumut to catch a ferry. We would then have to travel for an hour or so and God knows when we were to hit for home. We really did not have so much time to spare. So, we went to Teluk Batik instead, the bay near Lumut, a spot for picnickers…

Travel Tip: Always be open to suggestion


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