India In Contrast

Some People in India...

If it is contrast you want to see, then visit India. India, a huge country with its huge population is a colorful country full of contrast. The northern Indians for instance are fairer than the South Indians. There is New Delhi and old Delhi and while in New Delhi, you could see modern shops, in Old Delhi and elsewhere like Agra, Jaipur and the holy city, Varanasi , shops could be so small, so small in fact, for your imagination. In Varanasi for instance, while visiting the gnats, I came across shops which were as big as a small crucible with room big enough for the shopkeeper and his sack of goods. At the train stations everywhere, big crowds gather and loiter around and sleep on cold cement floor and as you as you travel in trains, you could see shanty towns, interspersed with yellow beautiful rapeseed plants in full bloom and occasionally too a lone adult here and there would bare his bottom as he goes about answering nature calls. Then, the pious would also visit Varanasi and the trendy young walk gaily the bright streets of Simla in their trendy outfits. Poverty abound everywhere and people survive by becoming peddlers of simple things like peanuts, tea, cakes etc and in Old Delhi, just opposite the famous Jamek Mosque, jobless people would loiter outside eating shops as they wait for free food from the owners who channeled part of the day's proceed for charity work. It's a good thing then that India's economy is picking up and of course, with the Internet penetrating every country in the world, I bet there would be a brighter future for the literates especially the computer literates, and that is if they have a blog and want to make extra money. Since Bloggerwave is aiming to become Europe's biggest advertising media on blogs , anyone in India and elsewhere too can help it grow by taking up the jobs offered. It is an opportunity no doubt and the good news is more and more jobs will come!



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