India - The Day Our Group Split

A day before we left for home, our group split. My roommate, Heng Chye and the Siamese couple,Niran and Somsi were interested in museums while Shah and his friends, Aziz and Wahab were not so keen. It ended up then that I went to the museum with my roommate and company and Shah went on a tour of New Delhi visiting the place where Indira Gandhi was murdered, the Bahai temple etc. Visiting the National Museum was a delight especially when we got to see artifacts from Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, two ancient sites in Northern India which we have learnt in history books during our school days. Later towards the night, we met up with our friends as we prepared to take a plane home. There was however, a surprise waiting in store. That night, there was a thick mist and our plane could not take off as scheduled. The passengers were all herded off to a hotel and the seven of us, who had waited at another corner, were left unattended. Luckily, later when the mistake was realized, we were reimbursed with a five star hotel – the best hotel we had ever stayed in during our entire trip – the icing to our 2003 trip to India!

At the National Museum...

Exhibit outside the Museum... Cameras are not allowed in the Museum... Going home...


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