A Pilgrimage Special: At Angulimala's Cave

Visiting Angulimala's cave at Mahet near Sravasti in Northern India brought back memories of a Buddhist hymn written by Victor Wee. Part of the hymn has gone thus:
Stop thee, O Safron princely monk,
That hasten like falling rain.
I want a finger from thy foot,
To finish of f my bloody chain...Angulimala is an important figure in Buddhism. In fact, he was a bandit who murders for fingers to make a chain for his teacher. The princely monk in the hymn is Buddha and He has converted Angulimala, stopping him thus from completing his bloody chain of severed fingers. Angulimala's cave is just a hole which can be viewed from atop a stupa and I have failed to climb up the stupa after being swarmed by a group of students from Jesus and Mary school who were curious and had bombarded me with lots of questions. It was nice interacting with them and this post is specially dedecated to them...
Visiting Angulimala's cave...

Students of Jesus and Mary School...

Traveling Tip: Traveling is also about meeting people.


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