A Pilgrimage Special: At Matha Kuwara Shrine

In Kushinagar, we went to a small shrine called Matha Kuwara Shrine. This shrine houses a Buddha image in earth-touching-posture, said to be 3.05 m tall and carved out of one block of blue stone. An interesting incident happened here. Lord Buddha had become sick after he was offered a meal of mushroom by Cunda and as a result had to stop at 25 places to rest when he was traveling from Pava to Kushinagar. Apparently, when Lord Buddha stopped here to rest, he had asked Ven. Ananda to fetch some water to drink. Ven. Ananda did not go initially because many carts had crossed the stream making the water muddy and the water undrinkable, I suppose. On the third request, he went over to the stream and had found the water had turned clear.


At the Matha Kuwara Shrine built in 1927 by Ven. Chandramani out of the donations of Myammar devotees, U Po Kyo and U Po Hlaing...


Mark Antony said…
Lovely pictures again, and you got to learn about the local stories too :)
footiam said…
Yes, it's a rewarding experience which I would like to share with you and everyone! Thanks for coming, Mark!
Anonymous said…
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