A Pilgrimage Special: An Ancient Republic

While traveling to Patna, the capital of Bihar and just before reaching it, we had stopped at Vaishalli which itself, used to be the capital of the Lichchhavis who were supposed to be credited with the world's first republic. Vaishali had been visited by Lord Buddha a number of times and besides delivering several sermons, it was near here that he admitted women to the Holy Order. It was here too that legend had it that several monkeys dug up a tank for Lord Buddha's comfortable stay besides, offering him a bowl of honey. Places of interests which we visited included the Asoka Stupa, a dome-shaped mound of 4.6m high and diameter 20 m which has been seen by Hsuan Tsang himself! One of the Asokan Pillars which managed to withstand the Muslims onslaught stood nearby, just as the Markata-hrada, the tank or pond called Rama-kunda supposedly dug up by the colony of monkeys mentioned earlier.


Anonymous said…
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Liudmila said…
Incredibly! Great reportages, Footiam, I was very involved to see all them. Thank you for your great work with all this posts! I wanted soo much to see them, these places - and you made my wish "alive".
Liudmila said…
Oh, forgot. I wanted to say: could you make one Lable to all the posts about your peligrimage, so to add ALL in one link to my posts maybe... Excuse me.
footiam said…
Thanks Liudmila. I am glad you like it. Knowing that there is one reader who likes it already fill up my day! Anyway, there will be more on the pilgrimage, it's not over yet and to tell you the truth, the organiser did a very good job. It was a very spiritual experience and the best thing about it all, the group did dana not only to monks but to poor Indians too. We visited a school http://steptpg.blogspot.com/2007/12/act-of-kindness.html and an eye hospital too which I haven't reported and meditate in Sravasti and Bodhgaya. And to top that up, we met a Hong Kong filmstar shooting a movie ://steptpg.blogspot.com/2007/12/star-struck.html
And of course, there is always a dhamma talk somewhere! http://dhammadelights.blogspot.com/2007/12/dhamma-talk-in-train.html
Liudmila said…
Yes, it was a great trip, you have done.

It's very different (for me) to see one photo and series of photos. It gives me the sense of participation. That is why I like reportages (so I call them maybe not appropriatelly).

One photo needs great story neaby but many photos speak for themselves.

Don't change a lable. I have not noticed that they all have the same lable.If you want, write a sort of summary and I'll post it in my travel blog with one of your photos and links. Do it. One link more is never bad.

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