Borneo Break: Double Breakfast in Sibu

The next morning, upon waking up, Mau Wei and her roommates, Amber Chia and Gendil were out walking in the streets of Sibu when they chanced upon a coffeeshop which was teeming with people. They thought the food must be nice there and decided to have breakfast there. Mau Wei gave me a call and soon, I was with them, having my first taste of Sibu's Kampua Mee. Kampua Mee could be found all over Sibu at anytime of the day and I suppose the coffeeshop we happened to patron was the popular Siong Kee Kampua Stall at Emas Corner 2002. In Taiping, my hometown and most of Peninsular Malaysia, one could not find this dish, not even in Sitiawan, Perak I suppose, where there is a sizable population of Foochow people. Jin Jin called when we were having breakfast and when we met up barely an hour later, it was off to another popular stall at Blacksmith Road, Butterflies Garden, where we had another Foo Chow dish... the Ding Bian Hu...It was indeed a double breakfast and a double happiness!

Sibu's Kampua Mee...

Another Sibu's specialty...Ding Bian Hu...

Traveling Tip: Eat at a stall teeming with people. The long wait could be worth it for the food must be good!


Liudmila said…
I understood. It's too much time that I do not visit Chinese restaurant.
footiam said…
It's a shame that we need to eat!

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