Java Jamboree: From Kraton to Kraton

Kratons abound in Java Island. Kratons are palaces and in Solo, there are two, Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat (Palace of Pakubuwono II to IX) and Kraton Puro Mangkunegaran. The two are not really far from each other and you can visit them all in one day. If you are fit and wishes to burn the calories, you can forgo the trishaw and walk like we did. We went for the Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat first. You would know you have arrived if you come across high white walls. Just look for the entrance and buy a ticket to enter its compound. My friends and I were there when the kraton was closed; so, we just walked on to the nearby Pasar Klewer which is the biggest textile market in the region. If you love batik, you would love this place; otherwise, you would find it a bit drab, dark and even seedy. Don't hang too long here then and move on to the other kraton...

Off to the kraton...If you are wondering what the woman wearing the scarf is doing by the roadside, well, she buys gold from anyone who cares to sell!

Traveling Tip: Walk!


Liudmila said…
Very nice looking building. Looks like monocolor near all those other multicolor temples. But the colors are not dimmed like those in Indian temple, you remember, I asked you.
footiam said…
The last picture is the Kraton. The rest shows the scenes on the way to it.

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