Beautiful Bali: Flowers for the Gods

Immediately after breakfast, we had a stroll in the streets of Kuta. The bustling scene of the night before had given way to a more sedate scene. Many shops were closed then but it was still an interesting walk. You may catch sight of what look like little shrines in some streets and fresh flowers that were left there for the Gods. Indonesia may have a Muslim majority but in Bali, 93.18% of the population practise Balinese Hinduism, a combination of existing local beliefs and Hinduism. It is interesting to note that while Islam and Christianity merely make up 4.79% and 1.38% of the population, there are times that trouble brews between the two groups of people. Our guide told of the time when the Hindus in Bali tried to protect the Christians from being attacked by the Muslims by placing flowers outside the homes of the Christians. I suppose that would mislead the Muslims into thinking that the Christians occupants in the house were Hindus...

Taking a stroll in Kuta...Could you find a shrine here?

Traveling Tip: Look out for tell tale signs in the streets!


Thomas C B Chua said…
Footiam, your postings brings me nostalgia of my last visit, 3 years ago. Perhaps I have to Air Asia my tickets and revisit the paradise again. Btw tell me your view on the heavy presence of Caucasians.
footiam said…
I suppose is cheap and Caucasians love the sun and the beaches there!, not to mention the gentle people . Some people have 'violence' in their faces!

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