Beautiful Bali: Bali's Beaches

Sometimes back in my hometown of Taiping, I heard of friends saying that Caucasians do not stop over in this little historical town to visit the local picturesque Lake Gardens or the little green hill that was opened by the former British colonial masters - Maxwell Hill which had been long ago renamed, Bukit Larut, because Caucasians love beaches but not lakes, much so, a man-made one or a little hill that offers little activity. If that is true, most probably that explains why there are so many Caucasians in Bali. Bali is blessed with beautiful beaches like Sanur beach, Kuta beach, Legian Beach, beaches in Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Soka and of course Lovina. Since there are coral reefs round Bali Island, one definitely can go diving and snorkelling there, but if you are not for this, perhaps, you can just surf, swim or perhaps just take a stroll on the white beaches or black beaches, if you are talking about the beaches in the north and west and wait for the sunset. Bali's beaches in the south tend to have white sand but in all the beaches, black or white, you could most probably view a spectacular sunsets Even before visiting Bali, I have heard of its beautiful sunset...

What could you do here when you visit Bali's beaches?

Traveling Tip: Visit beaches!


Thomas C B Chua said…
Did you eat sea food on candle lit low table and watch the sunset at Jimbaran ? Splendid !!!
footiam said…
I remember eating seafood somewhere.

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