Beautiful Bali: Surfing, Bali

Bali is a place to surf. An American, Bob Koke and his wife Louise were said to have started surfing in Bali when they opened the Bali Hotel in Kuta Beach way back in 1936. Surfing, however, did not immediately catch on, not until the 60s at least when surfers discovered Semenanjung Bukit or the Bukit Peninsula at the southern end of the island which features a picturesque dry, arid and stoney landscape. Today, besides, Kuta Beach, there are many places for a surfer to surf, chief among which is Uluwatu, which draws the top surfers from around the world. There was this surfer paradise which we visited where the water was crystal clear and the view mesmerizing. We had to climb up some steep stairs to enjoy the picturesque landscape and I suppose we would have to walk down again another flight of stairs for another 5 minutes before we could enjoy the water there. Never mind if our guide told us that there was crystal church there somewhere. In Bali, it was God's gift of nature that matters...

Would you be looking for a crystal church here?

Traveling Tip: Enjoy nature!


Thomas C B Chua said…
I love your last shot. Must have taken from a height.
footiam said…
The thought of walking all the way down stopped us from going down to enjoy the water.

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