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Sulawesi Surprise: When the Rain stopped

The rain came to a gradual stop and most of us took the opportunity to hit the streets behind the hotel. I accompanied some ladies to the bank and took the opportunity to change for small notes. The streets were rather empty and quiet and boy, there were many goldsmith shops there and they were run by ethnic Chinese. Those were not stuff for tourists like us, I suppose and was I glad then, when we started our journey to Tana Toraja or Toraja Land. That would be about 310 km away and we would have to get ready for a nine to ten hour drive along a coastal road. There was a promise of the blue water of the Makassar Strait, limestone hills rising from the plain, beautiful rice fields, fish ponds and Buginese villages on the way...Just keep your finger crossed!     7

Streets of Makassar...

Traveling Tip: Keep your finger crossed!