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Taiwan Treat: All too Common

Taipei, Taiwan's capital city, is located at the northern tip of the island where the Tamsui River flows. Don't expect to travel in canals using barges or boats ala Venice style though for this modern city has  railway lines, high speed rails, highways, airports and bus lines connecting it with all parts of the island. Traveling is therefore relatively easy for tourists and traveling by Taipei Metro, more commonly known as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit or Metro Rail Transit). a rapid transit system serving metropolitan Taipei is all too common and perhaps, you'd feel like you are traveling in some other modern city elsewhere in the world except that the passengers who are traveling with your are young yellow pretty people with black hair which if blond, is probably dyed. and most probably would have almond-shaped eyes too, if these indeed are the trademark eyes typical of Chinese people of the Han stock. As it is, the over six million people in Taipei are mostly Chinese of t…