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Beautiful Bali: One Last Walk

When it was time to leave Bali, my friends and I had to make our way back to Kuta . We were to catch a plane home and the night before we boarded our plane, we had one last walk on Kuta streets. It was still a joy this time round, watching the local people selling their wares. One could do last minute shopping, buying faked Adidas shoes, T-shirts and the likes; get a tattoo done and perhaps, try some traditional delicacies,too. Otherwise, just look around. Bali reportedly  was inhabited around 2000 BC by Austronesian peoples  from Taiwan and their culture was said to be strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese. When you walk its streets, you may have a look at the people and see if they resemble the aborigines in Taiwan and perhaps, your observant eyes would also spot something Chinese or Indian somewhere. Enjoy yourself!

Can you spot anything Chinese or Indian here?

Traveling Tip:  You can  enjoy the streets!

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