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Surprising Cambridge

I used to think of Cambridge as just a building housing a university. When our train from Liverpool Street in London came to a halt after traveling 80 km and our kind hosts hurried us across a not so busy road to a bustling world filled with people, shops, museums and restaurants, I came to the realisation that Cambridge is more than that. In fact, it is a university city. There are several very distinctive must see college buildings from a seemingly bygone era making up the University of Cambridge and the mad rush to see them before they closed for the day was temporarily broken when we were distruacted by the spire of the Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church. Then, off we went to see Peterhouse, St John's College, King's College Chapel and Corpus Christi College among others.Peterhouse, by the way is the oldest college of the university. The oldest standing building however is St Bene't's Church but I don't remember seeing it even though it stands just next to…

Haadyai at Night

After Danok's Asian Cultural Village, it was back to Haadyai. While recognized as the largest metropolitan area in the south of Thailand, don't expect Haadyai to be a Bangkok. Less vibrant perhaps than the capital; with less high rise buildings and less tourist attractions and things to do, travellers here are mostly Malaysians especially those from the other side of the border; from the northern states of Malaysia, Perak, Penang, Perlis, Kedah who come for short weekend trips, mainly to eat and shop. The night was still young when we reached there and we took to the streets, browsing and combing  the roadside stalls and the few shopping complexes available. There was still bargains to be found yet especially in the forms of clothings and food items before we leave for home the next day. Good night, Haadyai. We'll meet again and again!  5

Visiting a Tower

After lunch, it was off to the 120 m Busan Tower which stands proudly at 69 m above sea level in Yongdusan park. I remember visiting Kuala Lumpur Tower in the late 90s. Busan Tower was built in 1973 while Kuala Lumpur Tower was built in 1995. The latter is taller, standing at 431 m but Busan Tower, which is modelled after Dabotap Pagoda in Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju springs pleasant surprises. Taking an elevator up the tower, you'll be surprised to be presented with a video clip of a bird-eye view of the surrounding area. The ceiling of the elevator acts as the screen for the clip; so, the elevator operator will remind people in the elevator to look up . At one point of the trip up, you can opt to pose for photographs in an indoor studio. Then, you continue your journey up to the top to the observation deck. There is a little gift shop there but the main attraction of course is to see Busan from there. Look out for Busan Harbour, Olympic park and several other interesting landmarks…