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Beautiful Bali: A Lesser Temple

Pura Tanah Lot, by no means is the only temple in Tanah Lot. If you take a stroll west, you may come to a lesser temple, the Batu Bolong Temple, lesser because it is smaller and it seems to be less crowded too. Batu Bolong means a rock with a hole and it's no wonder - the temple sits on a volcanic rock  that juts into the sea and there's a big, gaping hole that reminds one of a tunnel running through a hill. Unlike such tunnel, the hole of course is not man-made. Little statues adorning the temple perhaps may delight you too!

Enjoy the beautiful scene here!

Traveling Tip: Look out for statues! Beautiful Bali is ending soon!

Beautiful Bali: A Communion with Nature

If man-made structure is not your cup of tea, never mind.  Nature is aplenty in Bali - even in Tana Lot where  Pura Tanah Lot, the pilgrimage temple, beckons. Just like the Holy Land becomes the focal point for the pilgrimages of the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Pura Tana Lot attracts the Balinese Hindus, and tourists as well. For tourists especially, it would pay to find time to take a stroll along the beach there. Avid photographers would have a delightful time taking photographs and geologists perhaps would marvel at the rocks there. It is not that rocks are the same everywhere!
Take a stroll here!
Traveling Tip: Marvel at the rocks!

Beautiful Bali is coming to an end!