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Take Five! Seafood

Java Jamboree is taking a break!

In Malaysia, seafood restaurants could be found all over the country especially in coastal towns where seafood almost always come fresh and cheap. In Kuala Sepetang, once known as PortWeld, for example, there are seafood restaurants run by Chinese which serves other than fish and prawns, crabs, cuttlefish, shellfish etc. etc. Often when my friends and I meet up, we would frequent the restaurants and yes, it is a delight to just sit, eat and talk!

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Java Jamboree: Javanese Delights

I remember having a rather sumptuous Javanese dinner on the last night in Surabaya. We had returned from the Agro Park and it seemed like in no time at all that we landed on this spacious posh Javanese Restaurant. Walking into its big hall, we were confronted with tables and chairs where patrons could sit and enjoy their food while enjoying a performance on the stage. Traditional handicrafts like masks and wayang kulit puppets spruced up the place and there was a crowd of smiling young men and women dressed in traditional Javanese costumes to wait on the guests. Very soon, we were ushered into a room of our own. There were antiques like old gramophone etc. and on the table was a spread of Javanese food. Of course, there was tempeh or tempe, this popular Javanese food made by fermenting soybeans. My friends were visibly delighted with the dinner...

At a Javanese Restaurant...

Traveling Tip: Try something local!

Java Jamboree: Around Surabaya

Surabaya, formerly Soerabaja, is believed to have derived its name from the words sura or suro which means shark and baya or boyo which means crocodile. According to a local myth, a giant white shark and a giant white crocodile fought each other to gain the title of the strongest and most powerful animal. Today, the two animals are used as the city's logo. A statue of the two could be found near the entrance to the city zoo but my friends and I had not the privilege to see it despite the fact that we took a tour round the city. We did not visit any zoo, not even the Bonbin Surabaya which is supposed to be one of the famous zoo in South East Asia. We did take a peep at the inside of a modern shopping complex and browsed through Monkasel or Monumen Kapal Selam a.k.a the Submarine Monument. Nurseries offering ornamental plants and garden paraphenalia lined a long stretch of road somewhere in the city and everwhere there seemed to be mosques. The mosques in Surabaya seemed rather colo…

Java Jamboree: A Secret Garden

My friends and I passed the dying town of Porong again when we returned to Surabaya. We requested for a brief stopover to have a view of the otherside of the embankment but there was a heavy traffic in the area and the guide said we were rushing for time and had thus, not the privilege. However, during both our journey to and back from the Agro Park, we had stopped at a delightful eating shop. It was a spacious place and there was a big crowd both times when we were there. I suppose the specialty was the crispy deep-fried fish. It was really a marvellous lunch. On the return journy, just before we left the place, I went to the toilet and had a peep at the garden. Oh! There was a lovely pond with beautiful lillies. I didn't see it the first time around...

Lunch on the way...

The secret garden!

Traveling Tip: Take a second look!

Java Jamboree: It's the Garden of Eden!

Entering the Agro Park in Surabaya, Indonesia requires a small fee and visitors will be given a welcome strawberry drink and later to another glass of apple juice and the right to pick two apples from an apple tree of your choice. And here then lies our delight! My friends and I, all from the Tropics were thrilled to be able to pick real apples from real apple trees. It was not that there was no apples at home; in fact there was an abundance of apples in fruit shops and supermarkets and while apple trees could not be found in the lowlands, there were a few in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia and these were behind locks and keys. Then, of course, these apple trees were like the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden and you could just peer at the trees and the apples from behind fences, salivate too if you have to but in no condition, would you lay your hands on them! In Surabaya, it was like there was Eve around, now in the guise of the guide, cajoling you to take a swipe of the apples and …