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Taiwan Treat: A night Market in Taipei.

While in Taipei or anywhere in Taiwan, visit the night markets.  Night markets are street markets and have been in operation in towns inhabited by Chinese since the Tang Dynasty.  There are night markets elsewhere in Chinatowns in Southeast Asia. In Taiwan, there are over one hundred night markets and you'd like to get your hands on some Taiwanese xiaochi ( 小吃)  perhaps.  You wouldn't find authentic Taiwanese snacks like oyster omelettes , chicken shawarma ( 沙威瑪), and stinky tofu (臭豆腐) in night markets in South East Asia most probably.In the night market near the National Taiwan Normal University, the Shida Night Market (師大路夜市), you'd  get to jostle with university students for cheap food. I heard, here, there is even a popular stall selling sweet desserts run by an enterprising girl who was an ex-university student...

Get your pick in the bustling night markets in Taipei...

Traveling Tip: Take a walk in Night markets!